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One of the biggest ludo sports gaming platform pod Ludo is adding thousands of users by each passing day, having expertise in Fantasy Ludo, pod Ludo is winning millions of hearts. It makes every Indian sports fans more skillful by letting them use their sports knowledge turning it into a rewarding endeavor.

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Convert your passion for sports into the rupee industry.

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A feature-rich application with easy to use interface and stability plays an important role in the success of the application. We tend to believe in providing ample range of ludo games and giving users an opportunity to win game great prizes.

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How to Play Pod Ludo Game Online?

To Play POD Ludo, You need to follow stated rules

  • There is a ludo board, it is a square with a pattern on it in the shape of a cross, each arm being divided into three adjacent columns of eight squares. The middle squares form the home column for each and cannot be landed upon by other.

  • The middle of the cross forms a large square which is the 'home' area and which is divided into 4 home triangles, one of each. At each corner, separate to the main circuit are circles (or squares) where the pieces are placed to begin.

  • The starting square, the starting circle, the home triangle and all the home column squares are to match the corresponding pieces.



Akshaj Singhal

Recently I played games on pod Ludo and enjoyed it very much. I have also won a significant amount by playing this game and have used that money to play more games and win more on the app!


- Devansh Rama

It is a reliable gaming platform. A must-try. Even if we don’t have any money in our gaming account we have the option of a free game. If we win we will get an amount like 15paisa 30paisa


Harish Maharaj

My gaming experience on Pod Ludo has been amazing! I really enjoy the easy point system and the quick format of the game.


Jai Karan

"This is good for family play and its also the best ludo"


Krish Nori

"this app the new update of quick mode is amazing If you will download this you will just fall in love with this app"